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Barker and Co. was incorporated in Arizona in 1979. This is our 29th year serving the colored stone market. We
supply gems to the jewelry manufacturing industry, retail jewelers, and wholesalers.

We purchase rough gem material from suppliers around the world. All the preparation for cutting, sorting, sawing, and
pre-forming is all done in-house. Our gem cutting is performed by several contractors using strict standards we’ve
developed over our 29 years in business. We use “Fair Trade” cutting houses that treat their employees fairly and pay
the workers an above average wage.

Customer service is all-important to our success in this competitive industry. We have built our business responding to
our customers needs, this means: 

  • Promptly returning customer calls

  • Understanding the exactly what the customer is looking for. This means species, hue, tone, shape, size, clarity
    and budget.

  • Providing the customer with exactly what has been requested. Not simply sending whatever’s in stock.

  • If we don’t have the item we will help the customer find it

  • Finally, we pride ourselves in offering well-cut gems. We’ve learned that a finely cut gem sells itself.
    Just like diamonds, polish, symmetry, proportions, calibration and cutting style are all important when
    selling gemstones.  We understand OUR success depends on YOUR success. We work hard to make
     your job easier and your business more profitable.

  Ann Barker, President. 


Our featured gemstones:

Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the most exciting gems to be discovered in the last 100 years. The
rich neon blues are due to the presence of copper in the gems crystal structure. Originally discovered
in Brazil and more recently in Nigeria and Mozambique, it is truly one of the most beautiful colored
gemstones. We have one of the largest inventories of this fine gem from calibrated sizes starting at
2mm and single gems up to 70 carats.
Spessartite is a rare orange garnet found in only a few localities in the world. Our spessartite comes
from Nigeria and is available in all sizes from small calibrated stones to large select gems. Colors
range from orangey yellow and dark orange red to pumpkin color.
Amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, is one of the most popular gemstones due to its wonderful color
and affordability. We stock a wide variety of amethyst in both the lighter hues and the more saturated
deep purple colors.

Golden/Yellow Beryl is an affordable gemstone that looks great in jewelry. Our Golden beryl comes
 from Afghanistan and is available in many sizes including gems up to 50 carats


Peridot, the birthstone for August, is a lively green to golden green gemstone. Our Peridot comes from
the San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizona or the mountains of Pakistan. The gems from Pakistan
are available in larger sizes up to 50 carats.
Rubellite, the red variety of Tourmaline, comes in colors ranging from hot reddish pink to deep ruby red. Considered to be the rarest form of tourmaline it makes a great ruby substitute at a fraction of the cost.
We have a large selection of Rubellite in a variety of hues from small, calibrated sizes to large single
Pink Tourmaline is one of the most intensely colored pink gemstones. Our pink tourmaline comes from
Nigeria and is available in a wide range of hues and tones including orangey pink to hot pink to the lighter
pastel colors. We have a large inventory of this beautiful gem from small, calibrated sizes to large singles
 and matched pairs.
Blue/Green Tourmaline is another popular gemstone. Our Blue/Green gems are from Afghanistan and
range from turquoise blue green to darker greenish blues. Most of these gems are emerald cut to take advantage of the natural crystal shape.
Aquamarine is one of the more popular gems, Aquamarine comes in a wide range of hues from pastel
 blue and blue green to gems that are nearly Sapphire blue. Aquamarine is found in many locations
 throughout the world including the U.S., Brazil, Zambia and China.
Apatite, in spite of it’s odd name, is a beautiful example of nature’s handiwork. Recent deposits
uncovered in Madagascar have produced large gems in electric blues and greens reminiscent of
Paraiba Tourmaline. We recently cut a large parcel of emerald green apatite that is much cleaner
than most apatite available on the today. Apatite is a perfect stone for pendants and earrings.





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